New Moon Crystal Ritual

New Moon Crystal Ritual

New Moon in Aquarius 💎 Easy Crystal Intentions Ritual

The wise ones tell us Aquarius has an inclusive, cooperative energy. Pivoting away from government structures and top down industries towards communal, grass roots movements. An Aquarius energy where all our unique gifts, our personal characteristics, and our quirky traits are seen and celebrated- for each team member is an intricate part of the web of community. So let's honor what makes you, you, no matter how outcasty or freaky you may feel expressing your true nature and your soul path- for we are the makers and part of a larger collective dreaming up a new way to live in harmony with our neighbors, landscapes, plants, animals, and the universe!

Selenite Crystal Charging Plate for New Moon Ritual

My girlfriend and I were having espresso and talking  and she said something about rituals that was short, sweet, and true. “Well do you want to know why rituals were done throughout history and we are still talking about them today? Because they work!”

Now I don’t not claim to be a starseed, or a healer, although my friends may say that I am, but I do reap the benefits and I do see the harvests from seeds that I plant during rituals. It’s like crystal meditation too, I feel rewarded when I practice. 
I’ll be honest, it’s not every crystal meditation session nor the night of a crystal moon ritual I receive healing, downloads, and lightcodes, but I do experience these things so, it makes me passionate to share and encourage you to do it too. 
After feeling my rituals working, I began to think that ritual and meditation is a way to tell the universe that you created room for change and new energy, you are mentally and emotionally prepared for the next phase of your life, that you are aligning your heart with your true thought wishes and desires, and when it works- that is the divine timing- the point when all the points of light conspire to manifest your dreams. 

I follow this crystal ritual that both beginners and lightworkers can do on the New Moon. That is the best time to attune yourself and crystal energy for intention setting. It’s a practice you can do at the start of every cycle, where the space is fertile to tap into your heart, harnessing that New Moon energy to focus, to plant your seeds of intention.

Having all the people, places, and events line up just perfectly for your manifestations to come true, or having the ritual to work

takes time. 🌀

New Moon intentions often repeat, or carry over from moon to moon, month to month.   But eventually it works. In the meantime, or doing the groundwork, you are releasing what doesn’t serve you, you are opening up to infinite possibly, and you are preparing in a holistic way to receive. 

Let’s continue to look back and reimagine rituals that have been performed for generations, trust that we are light, brightening the world wherever we go! We are a cosmic weavers of the web of life. I believe he more we do rituals and crystal meditations, and open ourselves up, the more chances we have of having our intentions come true. 

New Moon Crystal Ritual with selenite quartz oil and incense

New Moon Crystal Intention Ritual

۞Gather your stones

۞Incense, candle 

۞Anointing oil, essential oil blend

۞Paper pencil, journal  

۞Crystal grid board, charging plate

۞Location in your home where you’d see the full moonlight shine in- maybe a chair or a windowsill 

۞Music, tuning fork, photos of your ancestors, anything else you are called to work with during this ritual. 


Light your intense, candle, herbs.  

Dab your Third Eye with oil, or maybe another chakra like your heart.  Inhale deeply and exhale.

Hold your crystal and slip into a deep deep meditative state.  Or create a mandala. Or sing a song. Do something to focus dropping out of your mind and into your heart. Your subconscious.  Your soul.

Open your eyes and exhale.  You may be called to journal.  Reflex on the past cycle, journal your insights, learnings and visions you’re meant to birth. Energies flow from the heavens thru you and out into the world.   

Write down your intention(s) for this cycle.  Start the desire with words like I will, I welcome, I surrender, I’m open to, I release, I let go of, I am free from, I want, I am.

The fruits I want to harvest in the future are relationships.  So my intention this month is I call in experiences and exchanges that strengthen my friendships while giving + receiving love and support from people in my orbit. So really, your intention can be anything, something for the planet or yourself, a desire, hope, wish, or prayer.

Following my example, I’m going to hold the crystal in my palm, close my eyes and speak my intention out loud, spelling it into existence.

Next we are going to do this again with more crystals and intentions.  When we are done, we are placing our crystals and jewels on a charging plate, gridding them out, and setting them where the New Moon energy can flood them overnight. 

Collect them in the morning and begin look towards your programed crystals for guidance to stay on track, support, and physical reminders of your true intentions.

Another way to call in your intentions or release something is to write it down, take it outside, I like the base of a Mother Tree and Burn It! I’ve included some prayer paper in my Ritual Set, you can check it out here, thank you for taking a peek. Peace Love and Friendship 🪬 vanessa