Q:  What if the bracelet I select does not fit me/ the recipient?
A:  They can ship it back to Vermont and I can restring and add or subtract crystal beads in order to create the most comfortable fit. I will ship it back, free of charge. 

Q:  I have a broken or outdated beaded jewelry that I loved to death; can you fix it for me?
A:  I can recreate and update all your beaded jewelry you already own with our rehab services.  Simply contact me with a custom request.

Q:  When you're not on online, where are you?
A:  Boho Bahia spends the festival season traveling around the country to vend at large music festivals and yoga events.  We hope to see you on tour!

Here is our next event, as we raise the vibration, one crystal at a time ~ EVENT 

Q:  How do I care for my electroformed jewelry?

A:  Your copper is professionally sealed to resist oxidation. Over time, a natural patina should be expected and appreciated.  If you choose to cleanse your piece, avoid using harsh chemicals.  A brass brush may be used. Raw crystals should be treated kindly.   


A:  Electroforming is the process of slowly building a metal surface on an organic object by
depositing positivity charged copper particles (ions) that move through an acid bath using
electricity. Each electroformed piece is handcrafted in Vermont, using Brazilian crystals,
and takes several days to create. 

Q:  This looks like a brand new site, are you new?!

A:  Boho Bahia launched in November 2021 but I started selling my handmade, one of a kind jewelry on Etsy since 2011. Since going public, Etsy opened its doors to third party sellers and the marketplace got flooded with jewelry that is not handmade. This is part of my motivation to open my very own store. 
I invite you to follow me as I evolve my art and grow my store!  Sharing on social media can have a huge impact on my small, independent shop and it is free to do, so thank you in advance for spreading to love!
Together, we will rise. 
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