About Us

I am here to help introduce you to the crystals that have impacted my life and guide you on your journey towards healing and spiritual connection. Truly I am honored to tell you my story.... 

To usher in a new, exciting and somewhat unknown decade we ventured to Burlington, VT to make new memories while rehashing old ones, as we both spent time there while at the UVM. The temperature was teetering in low single digits with the wind whipping off the Lake and the snow falling when we ducked into the only open store. Little did I know this would change my life and set me on a course that still enriches my life today.

Upon entering and meeting Gina and Osmar, a Brazilian couple in their 60s, I felt an instant and deep spiritual connection to them and their crystals. We chatted, laughed, learned and after six hours we formed a bond and partnership that extends to this day. Over the course of the next few months I would travel from Boston to Vermont and learn about the crystals in her presence while building my collection from hers. All of her stones were mined by her and her family in Bahia Brazil with love and care over a generation.  I have become the steward(ess) of this collection that has become the centerpiece of my jewelry and crystal collection. Life changed that day and by trusting in Gina and my new path I have never looked back.

Female founder woman in business healer crystal keeper
Gina in her store on Church St. in Burlington VT

Our Crystal Source 


The artist, Vanessa, vending an event this December.

Boho Bahia: Meaningful Crystals and Jewels

Check out Electroforming in action in my mountaintop studio in Vermont:

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Our mission is to educate + reconnect starseeds to the ancient wisdom of healing crystals.  We're all about creating timelessly chic jewelry, sharing ways to incorporate crystals into your modern lifestyle, while elevating your spirit and style.

Crystals are not just tools that attract and focus energy on what you wish to call into your life ~

they are physical reminders of intentions, rituals, experiences, prayers, or what you ask (program) them to support you with!

Crystals may provide presence while also providing a container to hold your meditation practice.  Meditation is worth trying and practicing.  You may be giving yourself a gift that shines a light on the shadows we all must face in our lives, bringing your energy centers back to balance and aligning your soul with your purpose.  
Seems like there are just as many highs as there are lows living on Earth. Perhaps learning universal principles, while feeling supported by Mother Gaia through crystal healing, is a part of our human experience? Crystal meditation may help us cope, heal, trust, love, and grow through life’s ebbs and flows.

So I invite you, as a beginner or someone deep on their spiritual path, to explore, conntect, order, and adopt a piece. This collection was born and mined near Bahia, Brazil. The crystals are hand selected based upon quality and vibration.  I encourage you to find a crystal or jewel, spend time with it, and create a personal experience of your own. 

Once you to adopt a crystal, adorn yourself with jewelry, you may discover whether the energy is grounding or energizing, feel if it is hot or cold, notice what thoughts come to mind when handling it, or notice what feelings arise when observing it.  Gather all the information from all of your senses, without judgment, be open to receive with an open heart.

You may meditate, sit indoors in peace and quiet or stand near the music of ocean waves, wherever you choose to pay attention, really listen to your crystal. Radiate love.

Try programing it, possibly cleanse it under the new moon, or maybe take it along while traveling... just work with it over time, and understand why, or why not, the crystal is meaningful to you.