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Boho Bahia

Satyaloka Quartz

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We had one mission, to track down and acquire old stock, ancient Lemurian Seed crystals. Just as me and the woman parted ways, this highly included, tooth like shard of Quartz connected with me.  I inquire about it and she tells me that is a high vibe Satyaloka crystal was blessed by mountain monks before it came to her.  
I feel the energy of this crystal to be way more older than this lifetime, as if the monks have been passing these unique crystal points down for generations.  True Earth energy that I now want to bestow on to you.  I invite you to work with it, program it, seal it with intentions, place it on your altar, carry it, do yoga or meditation with it and discover how it personally make you feel over time.  Hoping you will enjoy this new - to - me Quartz as much as I do! 
  • Translucent to opaque quartz from Satyaloka area of southern India. Usually included.
  • Quartz found in the Satyaloka area of India
  • Blessed by local wise people before being exported
  • 8.5 grams
  • 1.5 inches long
  • Gift Wrap and Black Tourmaline included

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