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  • tools for beginning your moon crystal intention rituals
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Boho Bahia

Crystal Ritual Gift Set

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My girlfriend and I were having espresso and talking  and she said something about rituals that was short sweet and true. “Well do you want to know why rituals were done throughout history and we are still talking about them today? Because they work!”

Crystal rituals work for me and feeds my passion to share it with you.  Although results take time, it is worth it to TRY!  I am offering a few things to get you started on your journey.  I also offer blog posts like this one to help you with a crystal ritual:

This Gift Set arrives just in time for Galentine's / Valentine's Day.  Your gift recipient will receive  this collection in time to use it during the new Full Moon on February 20th.

- Incense Made in Vermont

- Wooden Pencil

-Heart Intention Paper

-Ritual Oil

-Selenite Cleansing Plate 

I've included this Quartz (or a similar one) to round out this set with a crystal.  Of course you can shop for one here you resonate more with or use your crystals and jewels you already have to perform this ritual.

The Heart Paper is meant for you to write down your intention and then burn it outside!