The Livery Apothecary Collection

Greetings wellness seekers, Vermont lovers, light beings,

I’ve curated a meaningful collection of crystals and jewels designed to support you on your wellness journey- whether you are just starting out or, have been traveling the long road towards balancing your inner and outer worlds. You can read all about the metaphysical info on the crystals you selected or were drawn to at the Apothecary- but my advice is to hang out with the crystals, wear them, work with them in ritual, and see on a personal level, how they effect your mindset, rhythm, spirit.  



Citrine is an ancient healing stone that we should have in our collection, especially if we’re working on transmuting thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving us. The wise ones teach us that Citrine promotes self-confidence and supports overcoming depression.  Let this sliver of sunshine warm your heart and free your spirit.

Green Aventurine 

I am Abundance

Promotes Manifestation, Abundance, Prosperity

Blue Sodalite

Promotes Positivity, Communication, Spiritual Awareness


I am Calm

Promotes Inner Peace, Guidance, Positive Transformations 

Tiger’s Eye

I am Centered, Grounded, Whole

Promotes balance and strength to get through life‘s difficult phases and transitions.


I Trust My Intuition 

Restores emotional balance by allowing one to soothe the mind and drop into the heart center.

These hand selected Brazilian crystals allow you to bring that Zen feeling from Mountainside Wellness Center home and they make the perfect addition to any collection!  Use these crystals to create your own gem water, crystal grid, as a talisman, in ritual, or enhance your yoga and meditation practices. 

Please reach out if we can help.  With gratitude, Vanessa

handmade healing crystal jewelry

Chakra Crystal Bracelet Collection has a seasonal offering of Tiger's Eye.  Boho Bahia is harnessing the energy of the crystals to support Mountainside Community Wellness Center's Community Roots Project.  A sparkly non-profit breaking down the barriers and subsiding Mountainside Community Wellness Center's integrated holistic wellness offerings, supporting our community health- from the ground up.  10% of the sale of this Chakra Crystal Bracelet is donated to the Community Roots Project.