Shop Our Crystal Grid

Shop Our Crystal Grid

A moon phase is a nice reminder to stop and pay attention to your inner and outer worlds. On nights of the Full Moon, a crystal grid is a powerful way to use your crystals, your inner voice, your guidance, your compass, and listen to your intuition. Remind yourself of the intentions you set or programmed into your crystals and jewels and reconnect with them.  Do your dreams, wishes, desires still what your heart longs for, are they fully aligned in you mind, body, and spirit?  If your intention no longer benefits your highest good, without judgment, now it the time to course correct. Harness the lunar energy and the crystal grid to let go of what is no longer serving you. 
For the center, I suggest a tower, piece of crystal jewelry, or a stone you want to cleanse and charge. 
Garden Quartz 

Blue Sodalite 

Rose Quartz 

Included Quartz 

Smoky Quartz 

And finally, you cannot go wrong with a Brazilian Clear Quartz to amplify the energy of the rest of your grid crystals and jewels, attract positivity, promote connection to higher, more ethereal realms.  

I also love the idea of turning towards crystal jewelry to use like a talisman, seen as a vessel for manifestations. Your jewels can go in the center of your crystal grid.  They can hold and support your intentions while the moonlight cleanses and charges your talisman.  When we wear crystals and use them, we take energy from them, so doing this ritual is mutually beneficial for your future self, and the crystals.  While in the moment of creating your grid, you may feel in flow, at peace, or more aware of Mother Gaia, the seasons, the moon, the pulse of the universe- or something unique to you.  

I love being reminded of the beauty in diversity, how we are all needed to connect with each other and the natural world.  Crystals remind me of the interconnected oneness, the light energy, the universal vibration, that can heal us and extend out into our environment.  
Find a talisman that speaks to you, may balance you, or reach out and we’ll create a custom one where you select the crystals. 

Handmade healing crystal electroformed jewelry and chakra stones