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  • Brazilian Garden Quartz crystal
  • point-crystal-Brazilian Garden Quartz
  • small short crystal tower grey and clear quartz
  • gift wrap metaphysical crystal card included with your crystal and jewels.
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Boho Bahia

Garden Quartz Crystal Point

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Mesmerizing and deep, this Brazilian Garden Quartz, with its natural inclusions giving the look of a mini garden, or a place you would wonder to, soak in the mossy floor and feel more connected to your surrounds.  This is a superior grounding crystal used in healing and meditation.  The Earth elements contained in the inclusions may remind you that you are centered and supported.  The Quartz plays a more ethereal role allowing you to connect with higher realms of consciousness, grounding the spirit while providing an anchor to Mother Nature.

  • Garden Quartz born in Brazil
  • 225 g
  • 3.5" x 2" L
  • Ready to be Adopted by You or a Loved One- Gift Wrap + Free Shipping Included