Full Moon Crystal Ritual Spa at Home

From Spa Ritual to Crystal Ritual

Whether you’re a spa guru or just starting off, I am happy to accompany you on your wellness journey.  Spa days, travel, outdoor recreation, realizations, breakthroughs, shadow work, achievements, new conversations that occur in our Vermont mountains are opportunities to create change in our daily routine.  Tiny decisions that favor putting our holistic health and healing above all else will slowly add up to habits more aligned with our true nature, our beliefs, and authentic self.  Together, we are slowly remembering we are cyclical beings, so we invite ritual into our spas and homes, creating intentional living that is grounding us to Mother Gaia and connecting us to each other.
Establishing rituals in our lives help create meaning, growth, and healing. Ritual was ceremony our native ancestors had rooted into their lives and culture. We must look to them to help us remember rituals that bring us closer to Mother Earth, Spirit, and each other.
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One ritual I love to share is a Crystal Cleansing and Energizing on eves of the Full Moon. When we wear and work with crystals, we exchange energy with them, this ritual gives us an opportunity to reset and refresh. 
It’s also a great time to set your intentions for the cycle- what are you calling into your life?
Full Moon Crystal Ritual
On the evening of the Full Moon, this ritual will set your intentions and energize your crystals and jewelry.  
✨Pick your jewelry and crystals you’d like to work with.  
Find a spot to sit, write and hold your crystals, indoors or out.  
Make a list on paper.  One column list things, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, you’d like to let go of. Then, get out of your mind and drop into your heart center.  Breathe deep.  Look at your crystals.  Listen deeply.  For the other column, list your intentions. 

Hold a crystal, or jewelry, and speak one intention into existence, programming it into your stone(s.) Close your eyes and hold it for a bit, exchanging your vibration with it.  Do this for each of your crystals.
Locate a spot in your yard, deck, patio, that will flood with moon light.  Maybe your windowsill is best.  Place your crystals, stones, jewelry there and they will bask in the energizing, cleansing, Full Moon lightbeams overnight.
Try to fetch your crystals early the next day, when you wake up.  
By adding crystal rituals, focus on lunar time,  into your life, intention setting, and small changes to your routine, you may be inviting what you want to flow into your life.  As you continue to practice this mindfulness, you may begin to realize that consciousness is magnetic, and attract more of what you truly want into your life- I know I’ve noticed positive energy, and would love you to join me, as we are here to support each other.   ✨Align your thoughts with your beliefs. What is true for you, deep within your heart.  Wake up to discover we are a part of an infinite loop of creation, energy and (e)motion.  
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