Spruce Peak Collection

spa at spruce peak healing crystal jewelry collection

Dear Friend of the Spa at Spruce Peak, 

I invite you to continue nurturing your spirit, extend your Spa experience, and remember the bliss, with Boho Bahia’s healing crystal jewelry!  Each piece was created under the light of the sun, beneath the energy of the moon, and handmade in my mountaintop Vermont studio.  Sure, I can tell you all about the metaphysical properties of chakra stones or healing crystals- but like a Spa treatment- it is best to experience it, (notice how it touches your mind, body, and soul,) on a personal level. 
Please reach out if you have any crystal questions, ideas for a custom piece, or would like to repair a meaningful piece of jewelry you may have tucked away.

In universal peace and friendship, Vanessa 

Vermont Crafted Crystal Bracelet Collection Designed Exclusively for the Spa at Spruce Peak

Rose Quartz  ۞  I Am Love
Promotes self-love, caring, kindness, calmness and helps attract positive, gentle, non-judgmental love into our lives.
Labradorite ۞ I Welcome Transformation  Into My Life 
Brings forth one’s strengths, essence, clarity of purpose, and unique gifts to share with the world.
Tiger’s Eye  ۞ I Am Centered, Grounded, Whole 
Taps into one’s inner strength and confidence while allowing us to navigate life’s challenges without feeling overwhelmed.
Smoky Quartz  ۞ I Am Peace 
Amplifies calmness and protection by diffusing fear, releasing trauma, and dissolving jealousy.
Rainbow Chakra ۞ I Am Aligned -  Mind, Body, Heart and Soul 
Spa therapists and their treatments awaken, renew, and balance the energy centers in our bodies.  Chakra energy flows just like our lives ebb and flow.  Like spa experiences, wearing chakra crystals help bring holistic wellness into our lives.
Moonstone ۞  I am Aligned with my Intuition 
This ethereal crystal is connected to the moon and balances your emotions. With its patient and receptive energy, It supports the heart through the mind, calming anxiety and soothing away worry.  When we wear crystals, we exchange energy from them.  You can charge your bracelet by leaving it on the windowsill overnight during a full moon.


C H A K R A  T H E R A P

Continue your wellness journey from the Spa to your daily rituals.  Spa therapists and their treatments awaken the energy centers in our bodies, renewing  and balancing  the chakras.  We wear crystals not only because they are exquisite,  but they  raise our vibration and extend our sense of wellbeing.

Vermont Crafted Chakra Crystal Earring Collection ۞ Designed Exclusively for the Spa at Spruce Peak

Carnelian ۞  I glow in my power and rise to take action.

Stimulates ambition + drive and aids in manifesting what we require to move onto our desired path in life. It helps to uncover untapped creativity and allows us to clarify and attain our goals. Carnelian works to balance the Second Chakra that vibrates the energy center of relationships, sensuality and creativity.


Citrine ۞  I can accomplish anything when I connect to my inner fire.

Promotes mental + emotional clarity, memory, optimism, confidence.  Like the sun, Citrine mirrors your radiance and drive to shine.  Will help you light a fire with one tiny spark.


Aventurine ۞  I am Abundance

Promotes manifestation + prosperity.  A soothing stone for general healing, and reminding us of universal love and oneness.


Sodalite ۞  I am Peaceful

Helps calm the mind, ease panic and prevents us from becoming too emotional.  It stimulates self-confidence, self-expression, gives us a sense of calm, and helps us release tensions, anxiety, and fears.


Amazonite ۞  I am my greatest advocate

Increses self-awareness, confidence, and calms the mind for balanced, clear thinking.  Often used for empowerment, support, compassion, and acceptance.


Amethyst ۞  I am Calm

Promotes inner peace and spiritual wisdom.  Amethyst is good for overworked, overstressed and overwhelmed mental states because of its calming effects.


Rose Quartz ۞  I am Love

Nurtures self-love and calmness.  Rose Quartz emanates unconditional love and helps us attract positive, gentle, non-judgmental love into our lives.


Clear Quartz ۞  I am Light

Promotes mental clarity + high vibration.  Quartz allows you to think spiritually, connect to the universe, and visualize your desires.  It receives, transmits, and amplifies energy.

R I T U A L   

By completing your Spa Ritual you can ignite your desire to bring more of these feelings and experiences in Vermont into your everyday life at home!  From sitting quietly, making tea, drinking gem water, Abhyanga / self massage, to hair masks and more, you can create mindfulness around these holistic wellness practices. 

Lion’s Gate Aquarius Moon Crystal Intention Ritual

 Full Moon Ritual

New Moon Ritual

Spa Ritual Anointing Oils with Black Tourmaline

Brazilian Black Tourmaline Crystalogy

• Helps clear negativity • Exceptional stone for anxiety • Balances + grounds your energy • Clears feelings of unworthiness + self judgment 

 Spa at Spruce Peak Crystal Collection