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Boho Bahia

Super Seven Crystal Pendant

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A cloud of smoke kicks up her heals as the tiny inclusions dance with Quartz encased in copper.  A moody piece of Brazilian Super 7 take center stage in this cool, raw, natural pendant. 

Whether this is for you or a gift recipient, it will arrive with complementary US shipping and gift wrap.  

Care Package Includes:

  • Handmade Super 7 Crystal Pendant with Inclusions
  • Dark, Witchy, Unisex
  • Pure Electroformed Copper with Patina
  • Metaphysical Crystal Card
  • Choose from Copper Chain, Vegan Leather, or Hemp Necklace
  • Brazilian Black Tourmaline (Collect four crystals and place in all four corners of a room for ultimate negative energy transmutation:)

one of a kind, natural, raw, unisex, gift for guys, women's layer necklace, crystal healing, chakra, spa jewelry