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Boho Bahia

Inner Healing Heart Chakra Bracelet

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Let pure, natural, Rose Quartz crystal support you or a loved one by promoting crystal healing while wearing this stretchy, stackable bracelet.  Wearing crystals is beneficial to both men and women and when they are not wearing, the bracelet can be placed near their work station, on their nightstand, or in their bag, to keep the stress relieving, compassionate vibes close by.  Rose Quartz is known to be the ultimate healer in matters of the heart.  I used copper accents to help amplify the energy of the Rose Quartz and to promote well-being.

#support #innerhealing #selfacceptance #greif #kindness #forgiveness #love #unisex

  • Large Rose Quartz Crystal Bracelet 
  • Metaphysical Crystal Card and Organza Gift Bag Included
  • Ships Free to You or Gift Recipient 
  • Stack it with other bracelets or watch, or enjoy it on its own
  • Handmade in Vermont USA