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Boho Bahia

Rainbow Chakra Crystal Bracelet Set for Parent and Child

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A Separation Mantra that assures your little one- they are always surrounded by love.

The days are long and we are far apart, but feel your crystals on your wrist, and know that I'm in your heart.

New routines, challenging situations, Sunday scaries can sometimes overshadow the benefits of independence and growth.  Set the intention of bringing balance and happiness into your child's life thru the vibration of eight chakra stones surrounded by luna beads and hematite crystals.

Chakra bracelets are stretchy, stackable and fit most medium sized wrists.  Whether this is for you and your child, your niece/ nephew, a grandchild, or a loved one, the set will arrive gift wrapped.  Also included is a chakra card, detailing the metaphysical properties of all the crystals.  Shipping is free and quick.  A personalized note may be included upon request.  

I chose hematite as the base of the bracelet because it is a grounding, Root Chakra stone.  Hematite enhances memory and helps balance emotions and energy within the mind, body, and spirit.  It  supports a protective environment and promotes concentration, focus, and mental clarity- or so the literature says.  I encourage you to wear the bracelet, gaze at the crystals and tap into the energy.  Ask yourself:

What are the sensations that arise in my body?  What emotion or word is coming to me? What insights are coming to me?

I created these chakra bracelets with the intentions of security, comfort, and balancing the wheels of energy that flow within our bodies.  There are many metaphysical books available and I have discovered a lot about crystals, but I suggest you discover your crystal wisdom through connecting to your senses and experience wearing them for yourself!