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  • Round moonstone beaded necklace with Electroformed feathers and green tourmaline
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Boho Bahia

Moonstone Beaded Necklace with Feathers

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Inspired by classic pearls and dreamcatchers, this handmade necklace elevates the styles with healing crystals of moonstone and tourmaline.  I use copper in my designs because it promotes wellbeing.  This piece was made with the intentions of increasing your intuition and bringing loving compassion towards the sacred feminine qualities within all of us.

  • 10 mm round moonstones
  • 14"-17" L
  • Electroformed copper feathers
  • Green and blue tourmaline crystals
It has the look of a pearl necklace yet metaphysically the moonstones bring a vibration of new beginnings, moonstone is a crystal of strength and inner growth.  It promotes inspiration while the tourmaline balances the male and female energies in the body - or so the literature says.  I will include a card with crystal properties and wrap this one of a kind piece in an organza bag- making this a meaningful gift for you or a loved one!