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  • Brazilian Clear Quartz crystal wands
  • Brazilian Clear lemurian seed quartz
  • lemurian seed clear quartz crystal for meditation
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Boho Bahia

Lemurian Seed Crystal Wand

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Brazilian Clear Quartz Lemurian Seed Crystal Wand 

• 207 grams

• 4.25” L  x 1.75” W

These hand selected Brazilian Clear Quartz crystal wands may help you attain true spiritual connection, some may call them Sacred Lemurian Seed crystals. Tradition teaches us their ancient energy will help balance our emotions, expand self love, while increasing our spiritual consciousness.  I like to pair Lemurians with a meditation practice, the crystal energy pulls you into believing in something far greater and more powerful than yourself.  While living on this planet today, we face many shadows. I believe when meditating and connecting to the Oneness vibration that Lemurians emit, we experience a lightness, a laser guiding us to heal, trust, balance, and discover our place in the universe.

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