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Boho Bahia

Lemurian Seed Crystal

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Ancient, natural clear quartz wand from Brazil, Lemurian Seed Crystal.  It captures your attention and promotes a deeply meditative state.  As you hold it, run your thumb up and down the etchings across the face and sink deeper into its energy. 

  • five and a half inches long x two inches wide

  • 231 grams

  • Ships free, metaphysical crystal card included

These linear ridges are called, by some healers, Record Keepers or the Akashic Records.  The Akashic Records give access to your soul's history and reveal loving, affirming, and gentle healing insights.  Lemurians hold the history of both the past and the future, a universal magic used by the people of Atlantis.

While the history of Lemurians is highly intriguing and dream provoking, I encourage you to sit with this crystal and find deep personal meaning yourself!

Lemurians are a wonderful addition to propel your meditation, reiki, massage, and yoga practices.  They are found in beautiful spas, homes, and sacred places all around the world because of their vibrant loving energy.