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Boho Bahia

Herkimer Diamond and Moonstone Ring

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Genuine love is sometimes best homespun. Electroforming lends to this refreshingly unpretentious vibe, as the copper grew wild and free around the Moonstones and the Herkimer Diamond Quartz crystal. The thicker band makes the ring just as comfortable as it is beautiful, like you captured light and wear it wherever you may roam. Wearing this piece of he(art) will remind you that you are loved and supported, not only by your people, but by Mother Gaia too. 
Have an alternative design in mind, contact me and we’ll work together to give you a ring you enjoy wearing everyday!

  • Herkimer Diamond Mined in NY 
  • Moonstone Crystals 
  • Electroformed Pure Copper
  • Handmade Size 6.5 six and a half
  • Metaphysical Crystal Card Included 
  • Wooden Ring Box Available Upon Request