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Boho Bahia

Embrace Neurodiversity Crystal Backpack Charm

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Just like we see in nature, we embrace our differenes and know it makes the community stronger.  We know that a diverse ecosystem is a healthy one, we know we should be eating the rainbow for optimal wellness, and now we realize how fantastic it is to embrace neurodiversity!  

The design features a full spectrum of colored flowers, a rainbow infinity symbol, and a handmade charm of chakra stones.  I use copper in my creations because copper promotes wellbeing and amplifies the energy of the crystals.  

  • 3.5" Handmade Crystal Backpack Charm
  • Large Lobster Clasp Can Hook to Bag, Car, Keys, and More
  • Real Chakra Crystals

Bringing awareness of neurodiversity into the collective consciousness.

#neurodivergent #autismawareness #adhd #atypical #neurotribes #NeurodiversityAcceptance

neurodiverse keychain key ring inclusivity 

There is a palpable connection between children on the spectrum and healing crystals. A potion of sales from the Embrace Neurodiversity Crystal Charm will go to The Asperger/Autism Network (AANE), a fantastic organization that I have worked with since I began selling crystals in 2011.