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  • clear cut quartz crystal mineral specimen
  • small travel quartz crystal point
  • clear quartz crystal point gift
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Boho Bahia

Cut Clear Quartz Crystal Point

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Petite and portable, high quality Brazilian quartz, direct from our mines in Bahia, Brazil. 70.5 grams with ancient inclusions. From Native Americans to modern witches, Quartz honored as the ultimate healing crystal. Quartz may assist one to:

 • Think spiritually and connect to the universe

• Visualize their desires

• Energize non familiar spaces like hotel rooms

• Eliminate negativity in their environment

• Receive, transmit, and amplify energy

• Stimulate concentration and clarity of consciousness

Of course, we encourage you to personally spend time with a Quartz point and experience your feelings, what comes up for you emotionally, and what downloads you receive when tuning into its energy. 
On the other hand, you could select this specimen based simply on its aesthetic beauty and quality of the material, it truly is beautiful and catches the light perfectly!  

  • 2” L x 1.25” W
  • Healing Clear Quartz Crystal with Inclusions