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Boho Bahia

Clear Quartz Crystal Point

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Clear Quartz point crystals can accompany you and love to be outdoors.  Amplify your meditation practice, your nightstand table, your ancestral altar, your windowsill above your kitchen sink, your hotel room, your vehicle, the locations are endless but pay attention to how these cut and polished crystals make you feel.

Try playing with it while doing yoga!  Since Quartz is celebrated for clearing negative energy and emotions, it is terrific to use a Mantra like:

"While holding this sacred crystal I will embody the strength, wisdom, and confidence to grow stronger in my practice and be filled with positive loving energy in my daily life." 

Keeping this crystal with you both on and off the yoga mat is important because Quartz radiates positive loving energy and will give you the confidence and positive outlook to raise your level of consciousness in every aspect of your life. 

  • Brazilian Cut and Polished Clear Quartz Point
  • 138 grams
  • 2" L x 1.75" W
  • Metaphysical Crystal Card and US Shipping Included
  • Giftable, arrives wrapped and bagged to you or straight to a gift recipient