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Boho Bahia

Amethyst Crystal Chakra Bracelet for All

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Smooth, stretchy, and stackable, bracelets are and easy way to physically remind you of your intentions.  Created with all day comfort in mind, reach for your bracelet, switch arms, or leave it near your work station to give yourself a crystal energy boost, your intentions, or a tool for manifestation.

Amethyst is represented by the Third Eye Chakra and is February's birthstone.  In ancient times, it was adorned by the high priests and priestesses.   Those trying to overcome addiction have used Amethyst as an aid.  Amethyst is good for overworked, overstressed, and overwhelmed mental states because of its calming effects.  Because it is connected to the higher chakras, it may also increase spiritual awareness and inner peace. 

Amethyst is truly a powerful tool and I recommend you try wearing Amethyst for yourself if you are interested in chakra balancing or crystal healing!  I will include a metaphysical crystal card, so you can learn some highlights while also gaining your own experience.