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  • standing double pointed lemurian quartz crystal
  • Quartz crystal double pointed, can stand on its own
  • healing crystal lemurian seed point
  • lemurian seed crystal point born in Brazil
  • healing quartz crystal point
  • healing quartz point for display or collecting
  • stunning pink lemurian seed crystal point
  • naturally beautiful quartz crystal from Brazil
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Boho Bahia

4 Inch Double Lemurian Quartz

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This stunningly unique double Lemurian Seed connects to higher consciousness as the crystal rests in your palms while in meditation.  Blessed with a strong feminine energy, this piece reminds me of our oneness with the universe as we are not alone, but rather loved and supported.
This piece is polished in the base so it can stand anywhere and contains the natural iron ore which is nice and grounding. 
  • 4 inches by 2 inches
  • 6.3 ounces
  • Born in Brazil
  • Ships free, metaphysical crystal card included
  • Stands Up or Lays Flat

    You may read all the literature about these special Lemurian specimens but I encourage you to experience connecting with one while allowing the energy to emanate within you.  Simply hold the Lemurian, gaze at it, feel the striations, and tap into the energy.  Ask yourself:

    What are the sensations that arise in my body? 

    What emotion or word is coming to me?

    What insights are being revealed?

    It has been written that Lemurians promote an access to knowledge and wisdom, along with an awareness of the Akashic files and connection with higher realms and spirit guides.

    This piece has beautiful etchings and is lovely for meditation.  Perfect for your home studio, office, altar, or to bring great energy to your living spaces!