The Z Botanicals Collection

Crystalogy of Your Crystals + Jewelry


Agates are among the oldest of healing stones. It is a very powerful healing stone that emits energy of strength, power and courage. Agate has a cleansing, grounding and stabilizing effect on the body.


I am Calm.

Promotes inner peace and spiritual wisdom.


I am Abundant.

Promotes manifestation and prosperity.

Blue Quartz

I am Truth.

Promotes self-acceptance and spiritual growth.


Promotes Openness and inner peace.  Balances the energy of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.


I am Enough.

Promotes abundance, willpower, and confidence.


An important balancer and healer, Fluorite comes in all colors.  The beautiful Brazilian greens and purples help increase focus and concentration.

Green Tourmaline

Balances female & male energies within the body. It helps to let go of pain and uncertainty by assisting in balancing the heart chakra.


An amplifying Quartz crystal with red or pink inclusions. It elevates self-esteem and promotes grounding and balance.   


A beautiful Quartz alleviates tension, calming and aligning the energy within the body.  Their brilliance and high vibes help remove energy blocks and heaviness within the mind, body, and spirit.


Earthy and grounding, Jasper comes in a rainbow of colors.  Promotes physical strength and vitality and works to stabilize our energy.


A blue, calming and grounding stone. Helps to quiet the mind, dissolve anger and decrease anxiety. Kyanite facilitates meditation by helping to ground, quiet your thoughts.


A stone for transition and transformation.  Brings forth one’s strengths, essence, clarity of purpose, and unique gifts to share with the world. 


A spiritual catalyst, it helps with intense and rapid transformation, evolution, and healing.  


I am Aligned with My Intuition.

An ethereal crystal is connected to the moon and balances our emotions.  It supports the heart through the mind, calming anxiety, and soothing away worry.  

Pink Tourmaline

Emits strong, vital, and passionate energy for love and life.  Helps to nurture and heal the emotional body.  

Clear Quartz

I am Light.

Promotes metal clarity and high vibrations.

Rose Quartz

I am Love.

Promotes self-love and calmness.


I am Authentic.

Promotes communication and spiritual awareness.


Promotes truth and forgiveness.  Topaz brings joy, generosity, abundance and good health.  It is known as a stone of love and good fortune. 


Hello I’m Vanessa and I connected with Lyndsay of Z Botanicals and Hemp Co. ( when she graciously invited me to her Makers Market at her farm right down the road from my mountain top studio in Quechee, Vermont. I’d like to share the ancient wisdom of some of my beloved crystals used in your jewelry and within your tumbled stones. All of us, at any age, can collect crystals and jewels for holidays, rituals, grids, meditation, healing, travel... to amplify energy in spaces like our yoga mats, playrooms, desks, nightstands, and so much more!  As we learn about their metaphysical properties, we can appreciate their beauty and how they can support and balance us. 

Chakras are seven energy centers that flow through our bodies that maintain personal and current states of wellbeing.  Crystals are used to align the chakras to keep us balanced and happy.

Crystals are an amazing tool for healing and learning. Crystals, like botanicals, are a way to connect with the Earth, Stars, Mother Gaia, to ourselves, other living beings, natural cycles, and universal consciousness. They can support us in so many ways!