The Norwich Spa at Graduate Providence Collection

crystals and jewels at the spa at norwich providence


Rose Quartz       I Am Love

Promotes self-love and calmness


Clear Quartz         I Am Light

Promotes mental clarity and high vibrations


Aventurine                       I Am Abundance

Promotes manifestation and prosperity


Sodalite                 I Am Truth

Promotes self-acceptance and spiritual growth


Handmade Crystal Jewels

Smoky Amethyst 

The ancient ones tell us Amethyst is a stone of meditation, it conducts the energy of calmness, tranquility, and peacefulness to help one enter and maintain the state of mind.  The inclusions that make this Amethyst special is Cacoxenite, this stone is known as an ascension stone and is powerful for spiritual awakening as it raises your vibration.

Prehnite Butterfly

The wise ones teach us Prehnite promotes inner peace, union of the heart and the will, and communication with nonphysical beings.  It facilitates a heart centered connection to all of creation.

Libyan Desert Glass

This crystal just buzzes differently- it is actually created here on Earth after a meteor impact and is said to be up to 29 million years old.  Libyan Desert Glass's metaphysical properties include confidence, manifestation, Akashic Record access, personal will, and physic + mental abilities.

Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz is used for emotional healing, compassion, and stress relief.  It can help you get in tune with your heart's desires.  Boho Bahia believes when you listen to your heart and let it guide you, the universe will support you.

Amethyst Crystal Charm

Take the crown chakra crystal vibes wherever you roam this season with this handmade Amethyst backpack / yoga bag charm! Amethyst is good for overworked, overstressed, and overwhelmed mental states because of its calming effects.

Crystal Hamsa

Rose Quartz energy of unconditional love opens the Heart chakra to all forms of love: self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love.  This love stone combines with the Hamsa, and ancient symbol believed to channel the forces of good, defending against negative energy.


Clip it, hang, it, hook it, and admire it in the air.  Maybe the sun will hit it just right and you get a sparkle or a color of light.  This handmade sun catcher was created to put a smile on your face. The seven chakras are energy wheels in the body, according to Ayurvedic wisdom.  We use crystals to help balance our chakras to achieve a state of wellbeing- Boho Bahia believes when we are in balance, we are happier people.

Neurodiversity Crystal Backpack Charm

Just like we see in nature, we embrace our differences and know it makes the community stronger.

The design features a full spectrum of colored flowers, a rainbow infinity symbol, and a handmade charm of chakra stones. 

Bringing awareness of neurodiversity into the collective consciousness.  There is a palpable connection between children on the spectrum and healing crystals. A potion of sales from the Embrace Neurodiversity Crystal Charm will go to The Asperger/Autism Network (AANE), a fantastic organization that I have worked with since I began selling crystals in 2011.  

Dear Friend of The Norwich Spa at Graduate Providence, 

I invite you to continue nurturing your spirit, extend your Spa experience, and remember your bliss, with Boho Bahia’s healing crystals!  Each crystal tower was hand selected under the light of the sun, beneath the energy of the moon, with the intention of you remembering how the Spa made you feel.  Sure, I can tell you all about the metaphysical properties your new crystal - but like a Spa treatment- it is best to experience it, (notice how it touches your mind, body, and soul,) on a personal level. You could be drawn to your crystal point based on color, energy, or how it felt in your hands at the Spa.  Now, you can be in its presence at home, during meditation, and more.  You can use your crystal tower beyond décor including it in a meaningful in a crystal grid, or in a moon charging ritual, you now have time to enjoy your crystal, work with it, and let it support you in your wellness journey.

 Handmade Crystal Jewelry 

I created this Spa Collection using the process of copper electroforming, an perfect way to enhance the crystals.  Copper not only promotes wellbeing but the wise ones teach us that it amplifies the energy of the crystals.  Electroforming is a multifaceted, time intensive method, reminiscent of alchemy, and blends both science and art.  The following is some Crystalogy on your special piece, let this metaphysical info be your guide, but really tune into how you feel and what you experience while wearing your crystals.  If you'd like to discuss, share, or ask any questions, please contact me.  With gratitude, Vanessa