Spa at Norwich Inn Collection


Rose Quartz       I Am Love

Promotes self-love and calmness


Clear Quartz     I Am Light

Promotes mental clarity and high vibrations


Aventurine   I Am Abundance

Promotes manifestation and prosperity


Sodalite         I Am Truth

Promotes self-acceptance and spiritual growth


Dear Friend of the Spa at Norwich Inn, 

I invite you to continue nurturing your spirit, extend your Spa experience, and remember your bliss, with Boho Bahia’s healing crystals!  Each piece was hand selected under the light of the sun, beneath the energy of the moon, with the intention of you remembering how the Spa made you feel.  Sure, I can tell you all about the metaphysical properties your crystal tower- but like a Spa treatment- it is best to experience it, (notice how it touches your mind, body, and soul,) on a personal level. You could be drawn to your crystal point based on color, energy, or how it felt in your hands at the Spa.  Now, you can be in its presence at home or during meditation.  You can use your crystal tower in a crystal grid, or in a moon charging ritual, you now have time to enjoy your crystal, work with it and let it support you in your wellness journey.

Let me know if you have any questions, sending you peace, Vanessa