Chilly Full Moon Love

Chilly Full Moon Love

We are made of star stuff. When we honor the Full Moon, or any phase, we are acknowledging that we are cyclical beings. The same power and energy that turns the wheel of the seasons, is in us.  Our senses may feel winter stepping in (Northern Hemisphere) and our senses may feel the vibration of our crystals and jewels. 

We can do a crystal meditation on this bright Full Moon that honors our internal goals and intentions for this cycle, while also honoring the darkening environment in our external worlds.
The Full Moon this week is a reminder to catch our breath and live in step with the natural cycles, the inner seasons of our bodies, the external cycles, the wheel of the year, the heartbeat of Mother Gaia. 

The biggest energy shift between the dark New Moon and the light Full Moon is how we see the moon- this can relate to how we need to show up in the world. 

The New Moon phase may remind us our bodies and soul need time to rest, reflect, and restore. We are seeds needing to be burried deep in the dark, nutrient Earth.  Only in the dark, dreams, thoughts, wishes, and desirers can take root. We plant seeds at set intentions for the cycle. We need a shadow phase to develop, refine, recalibrate, and time incubate our needs and desires. We work on reflection, release, and have time, create space, to dream new heart centered transformations. This New Moon cycle may remind us to also decompress, turn inward, be less social, practice self-care.  The New Moon is hidden from view, but we trust it is still present in the sky.  Perhaps you do not need to be seen to be productive.

full moon crystal energy

But this week, we focus on the Full Moon phase- this embodies energy of your seeds coming into bloom. It may be a time to finish your projects, complete your tasks, present your ideas, sell your crafts, use your voice, unveil your plans. You may harness the light to be productive and show up for those you care about.

As we acknowledge the middle point of the Lunar Cycle, we can think of it as a course correction.  Are we still in alignment with our intentions? We can use this point to refine our goals and be clear with our heart’s desires.

Although you may not feel the energies between the New and Full Moons, you may begin your practice with living in sync with nature’s cycle by just observing the moon, and doing a crystal meditation.  Perhaps over time, your trust of Mother Gaia will grow, and so will your relationship with the subtle universal energies and collective consciousness. 

۞ Crystal Charging Rit

Take your new crystals and jewels (you have picked up during this holiday shopping season;) or choose ones from your collection you are drawn to work with this cycle.

Sit on the floor and set them down in front of you.

Take one piece, hold it in your palm.  Think of an intention you want to set this cycle.  What do you want to do or achieve this winter or in 2023?  Maybe think of that then create an actionable statement to help you get there emotionally.  What do you specifically want to consciously co create with the universe?  You'll find that your intentions are aligned with your values and your innerknowing, your soul path, your heart.  To achieve your desires you must work with your intentions every cycle to see if they still ring true to your soul's path.  The Full Moon can be a perfect time for you to renew your seeds of intentions- do you keep watering them and letting the grow, or do they need some course correction and realighment to get back on track with your innermost desires?  It is a time to become fully present with ourselves and crystals help us focus and ground our intentions.

Ancient wisdom says that our words are our wands, and we can spell our will into being by speaking it out loud.  So, as you are holding your crystal or gem, say your new intention out loud.  Close your eyes, take some breaths, imagining how you are going to feel once that thought, dream, wish comes true.  Be with that goodness.  Welcome the feelings of already achieving your desires into your orbit. Harness the energy of the moon to shift you in the right direction. 

As you set your first piece down, you can begin to create a crystal grid.  Place your crystals like a mandala on a board you can move to a moonlit place in or around your home or place your pieces directly where you know there is full moonshine.  Or you can place your pieces, one by one, on the windowsill.

Picking up your next crystal or jewel, you may hold it and speak aloud and reaffirm an intention you may have set at the start of the lunar cycle, or even last year. 
We are very patient with our intentions, for we know a lot of energy needs to line up just right to make our innermost desires come true;) Remember to be specific so you can focus and flow all your energy into it.  Mind your mantra, and your mindset- you are made of star stuff, trust your intentions will come true! 

As you finish naming your intentions, setting out your pieces where the moonlight can radiate upon them overnight, you may take this time to deeply meditate.

۞ Crystal Meditation 

Grab a crystal. On the inhale, we celebrate that our cyclical body needs times to restore.  You are co creating your reality with your body. Tune into your energy needs.  On the exhale, we celebrate our need to be heard, to be seen, to complete projects and goals.  Let go of what is not serving you.  Come into harmony with the vibration and frequency of what you want. 

During this Full Moon remember that your life is created through your choice. Full moon energy emotes strength, ambition, abundance, personal development and release. Dance with the life that is all around you, match the heartbeat of Gaia with your own.  Live in step with the cycles.

Finish by laying out your meditation crystal out with the rest of your crystals and jewels and they will charge, cleanse, and program under the moonlight overnight. Try to fetch them first thing in the morning, ideally before they see the sunlight, but I usually miss this deadline myself;)


Another Full Moon Ritual is making Moon Water. Fill a large vessel with water under spiritual Full Moon intentions like / power / success / goals coming to fruition.

۞  Moon Water Ritual

Place the vessel near your crystals so it may soak in the full moonlight overnight. Throughout the cycle, you can use the water for your plants, your tea, your oil diffuser….

A blend of salts and a lemurian crystal for a full moon bath ritual

۞ Self Care 

Another Full Moon Ritual may include some self-care.  Be fully present.  Bring your crystals along.  Include scents, sights, and sounds that signal to yourself you are sacred, worthy, and enough.  Maybe a hair mask, a tea ceremony, a salt bath.  Here I mixed three equal parts of Epson, Mineral, and Pink Himalayan Salts.

You are able to incorporate any ritual you desire and make it your own, deepening your relationship with your mind, body and heart. Let go and rejoice in the supportive magic of Mother Nature. Listen to what your soul wants to express, so you can weave more light, more magic, and more love into the world.

 Crystals for Ritual ۞ Meditation ۞ Grid ۞ Intentions ۞



 crystal grid for full moon rituals

۞Meaningful Crystal Jewelry 

talisman crystal necklaces for full moon ritual and meditation

crystal rituals for beginners and healers

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