The Guide To Living Your Wild Life With Smoky Quartz

The Guide To Living Your Wild Life With Smoky Quartz

OK it’s summertime. You have plans on plans on plans. The beach, music festivals, late nights by the fire pit, and all the High Noon that you can handle. But how easy is it to block out your daily life, your daily stresses, the insecurities and inequality in the world and everything else that weighs on you? Sure people can take the medication route or lots of exercise and yoga. Those are perfectly good solutions. But we feel that any route that you take should include a piece of smoky quartz by your side. 


Smoky quartz benefits your emotional healing by absorbing negativity and replacing it with positive vibes. The crystal can help ground you, letting you feel the earth’s vibrations combining with your own.

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Have you been letting negative emotions like anger or fear hold you back from happiness? With smoky quartz, it’s time to “I got this”  

Smoky quartz can rid the mind of resentment, stress, and worry. The stone’s grounding and balancing properties can help you focus on positive solutions with a level head.

So in the midst of such an amazing beautiful summer with incredible weather and vibes just know that the outside world is going to find a way to creep in to your positivity. And when that happens, grab a piece of Smoky quartz and get back to your center. Better yet, bring that smoky quartz wherever you go this summer so you have it and can benefit from its incredible grounding properties. 

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