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Charge Your Crystals Outside As You Welcome the Summer Solstice

Welcome the Summer Solstice!

“This is the time to reap the rewards of the dream seeds you’ve planted throughout Winter and Spring and relish in the Joy this season brings.” ~ Desirée Dunbar

Summer solstice is when subtle energies are elevated. By being in coherence, putting good vibes into mix, it really adds to the vibration personally, and for the planet.

The function of the mind is to create coherence between your beliefs and your reality. Write your intentions and read them aloud a few times as you sit in ritual with your crystals. Listening to positive and present tense affirmations helps to create this coherence.

Set an intention you want to seed for the second half of the year. Realize and reflect what has manifested in your life since the dark days of the winter solstice. Drop in and evaluate the relationship you have with yourself, your values, and your mindset- without judgment.  As you enter this Solstice portal, decide what longer servers you and leave it behind.  This can be old thought patterns, old ways of being, or old plans and goals you now are ready to release.

Celebrate what is in bloom in your life right now. Enter this Solstice portal with Joy and Gratitude by aligning yourself with these potent rays of light, bring greater harmony with nature, with the Earth, the Elementals, your crystals, and the cosmos.

Other ideas and practices to enhance your Solstice celebration and to Celebrate Emancipation Day Juneteenth - Honor the goddess Litha - Crystal meditation - Bio tuning - Sound bathing - Drumming - Singing - enjoy alone or with a group to increase coherence.  Grid out your crystals charged with your intentions and tune into the light of the sun.  Today the rays of light from our Star is at it's height.  We can harness this energy and use it for good, for we too, are made of star stuff.

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Summertime reminds me of summer camp, friendships, water sports, and crafts! Maybe this summer your inner child is unlocked and comes out to play more.

With your crystals by your side, keep moving on your journey of self discovery.  Take time, everyday, or every weekend, or every evening to follow what puts you in flow, makes your soul sing, and time fly by.

That inner mojo is what will guide you towards ease, contentment, and maybe even joy.  Being creative isn’t always painting a picture on the canvas but rather it is feeling what comes from your heart, your inner truth, and co creating with the universe to live in a reality that reflects what you believe is real and true. Your mindset matters.  Visualize your core values, your dreams, and bring them into existence- this is real creation.  

"In the Norse tradition, the Sun is seen as feminine, as she is the giver of all life, and she knows how to guide life to blossom and expand. So tune into Her now and feel how you:

  • Open your third eye and let the light from the Sun enter your mind.
  • Open your heart and let the light from the Sun fill your heart, and from the heart, let this light be carried to all the cells of your body, so you are being nourished by this light.
  • Open your womb space and let the light from the Sun fill your inner cauldron of magic, creativity and manifestation."
~ Cissi Williams
What ever you choose to do, no matter how small, or how quick, you may sit quietly with a crystal, light a candle, or sit silently on the deck or stoop, just do it, or just BE today.  Listen, observe, clear your mind, drop into your heart.  For we are cyclical beings and these moments of time are rooted in our DNA.  Even if you are early on your path of crystal healing or wellbeing, you can start rituals today and watch them bloom over time.  It gives my life so much meaning, it opens me up to meeting new people online, and helps me identify times of productivity and rest.  I encourage you to try now and I will return to remind you of the next turn of the wheel of life, season, or moon phase.  Enjoy the journey, Solstice Blessings.
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