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Back in 2011, we were interviewed by the Vermont Business Journal.

Reprint – Article From the Vermont Business Journal

November 23, 2013


            Michael Sternberg and Vanessa Valente have recently relocated their new business, Vanessa Valente Crystals, to a mountaintop in Stockbridge from the Boston area. Their new residence/studio, which they moved to in October 2011, is a point from which the couple feels the beauty of the Green Mountain State and provides incredible inspiration for the creation of crystal jewelry.

            “At the time we formed this business in early 2011, I was working in real estate development, and Vanessa was a fundraiser for a Boston hospital. We had both lived in the Burlington area while attending the University of Vermont, and loved the State.” Sternberg said. After deciding to focus all their time on growing this new venture, they came to Vermont and found a place in the mountains where they can now run their business together.

            “With Vanessa Valente Crystals, our goal was to form an enterprise where we would hand select only the most exquisite Brazilian gems and crystals and design and create necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.  I am the designer and creator, and Michael handles all the business and wholesale aspects of the company,” Vanessa said.  The company also sells raw crystals, decorative items for the home, and children’s items.

            To promote Vanessa Valente Crystals, the couple has vended at large music and art festivals across the country. “This has included shows attracting more than 50,000 people at festivals in New York, Chicago, Atlantic City, and even West Virginia. Our idea has been enthusiastically received and this has been a great format to grow,” Sternberg said.

            Another aspect of the business is the custom jewelry work.  Vanessa gives her clients the ability to build a piece of jewelry using their desired materials and favorite colors and crystals.  This started exclusively for brides but has grown to include anyone looking for a unique and self designed piece of jewelry.    “Combining these extraordinary healing crystals with today’s modern and stylish designs is my primary focus,” Valente said.

2011 was an amazing year and we fully expect to carry the momentum into 2012,” Valente summarized. The marketing plan for 2012 includes their presence at large music festivals, wedding, children and home expos, and private client parties.

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Since then our business has thrived and have moved Boho Bahia to a mountain top in magical Quechee, Vermont.  Communication channels have matured since we began, and we are able to connect with clients all around the world via FaceTime and Zoom.  From celebrities to folks in distant coutries, we have been raising the vibration- one crystal at a time!  Contact me for more information!