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Our Crystal Story

We are a Vermont couple, Vanessa and Michael, and I am happy to share our crystal story with you.

Boho Bahia Crystals

To usher in a new, exciting and somewhat unknown decade we ventured to Burlington, VT to make new memories while rehashing old ones, as we both spent time there while at the UVM. It was somewhere teetering in low single digits with the wind whipping and the snow falling when we ducked into the only store open. Little did I know this would change my life and set me on a course on which I am still living and growing on today.

Upon entering and meeting Gina and Osmar, a Brazilian couple in their 60s, I felt an instant and deep spiritual connection to them and their crystals. We chatted, laughed, learned and after six hours we formed a bond and partnership that extends to this day. Over the course of the next few months I would travel from Boston to Vermont and learn about the crystals in her presence while building my collection from hers. All of her stones were mined by her and her family in Bahia, Brazil with love and care over a generation.  I have become the steward(ess) of this collection and has become the centerpiece of my jewelry and crystal collection. Life changed that day and by trusting in Gina and my new path I have never looked back.