New Moon Crystal Ritual

New Moon Crystal Ritual

luna crystal intentions ritual for new moon beginners

Virgo, the Virgin Goddess, is showing us where to focus our energy, new ways of approaching things, and creative solutions. This New Moon is a time for purifying our bodies and souls, and preparing for the new beginnings, the turning of The Wheel, the Equinox, the autumn.  The wise ones tell us that this New Moon is squaring the planet Mars, which could test our patience and sense of inner peace. Focus on creating adaptable and flexible plans, rather than acting impulsively or being too rigid in your expectations. Fluidity is key. 

Spending some peaceful time connecting with nature can help you utilize this New Moon momentum in a flowing way. As often as you can, bring yourself back to the present through grounding yourself with your ritual crystals.  

New Moon Intention Ritual

This cycle, let’s take the lead from the Virgin Goddess Virgo who emanates her abundance and wisdom from within. 
Select the crystal(s) you’re working with this time around. Hold them in the palm of your hand(s) and focus inward, silence your thoughts and drop into your heart center. 
Virgo season is a time to, according to astrologer, Carrie Marie Bush, “Honor your inner goddess. Don’t settle for average. You were made to soar!” 
With your crystals, ask yourself What do I still want to achieve before the end of the year? This new moon has that new school supplies feeling and gives you a chance for a fresh start.  This is your time to reset your priorities and plant the seeds of intention.  Guide your answers into an effective intention by replying in an affirmative response. I am manifesting…I am creating…I will…I see myself…
If you can focus on these ideas, the August New Moon 2022 is the perfect time to assess what is working and recalibrate what isn’t so you can move forward toward your goals with a clear plan. 
With your intentions of what you want to: Focus On, Surrender To, Feel, Create, Receive, and what you want to call into your life, you can plan actions or practices needed for your seeds to bloom.  
Once you have a few intentions in mind, write them down. Maybe you want to safely burn them as a nod to Burning Man happening. Locate where in your home you usually see moonlight flood in. I like gridding my crystals out on my deck when it’s actually warm here in Vermont. Place your crystals mindfully down, while speaking your intentions out into the ether, and leave them there to cleanse and charge overnight. Remember to collect them the next day, preferably before the morning sun greets them. 
Use your programmed crystals throughout this cycle to remind you of your manifestations, to feel their loving vibration of support for your highest timeline and greatest version of yourself, to know you are apart of something greater- the oneness of the universe. 
Consciousness is magnetic. Where you focus you flow.  Elect to hold high quality thoughts, emotions, wishes and beliefs. What you focus on will be magnified. This moon is perfect for setting new intentions and breaking thru old barriers. Ignite your soul by aligning your thoughts, emotions, wishes, and beliefs with your 🤍. 

It may be a ceaseless change but it’s never a seedless change. If you’ve been observing the moon and her cycle s in 2022 then you should join me and take the time to see all that is green, hydrated, lush, and growing in your garden of life. Seeds of intention we’ve planted in the new year have taken firm root in the ground and have made the journey up into the summer sunlight. 
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