New Moon Crystal Intention Ritual

New Moon Crystal Intention Ritual


New Moon Crystal Intention Ritual 

The biggest facet of honoring the moon phases is the idea that our traditional calendar is ruled by the Sun and has a productive, masculine energy. Observing the moon and recognizing the New Moon phase of the cycle has personally prevented feelings of burn out, pressure, and angst. I, like the moon, honor and observe periods of rest, restoration, reflection, and planning. It's feminine energy helps me balance my busy crystal business. It is my passion and I could easily get swept away with all the tasks, content, creation, and connection. But I have scheduled periods of being cozy and unplugged, just like the moon. I guess I could say the dark moon is performing self-care, and so should you!

Ritual: Lay Out Your Crystals for Energy Renewal 

As the sky grows dark, without the glow of moonlight, remember where in your home you could see the moon shining through the windows. I located a chair in my loft, when the moon is full, moonbeams glow down from the skylight onto the chair. It is a cozy spot to lay my crystals I am working with on ritual nights. We can assume our full moon locations are also good spots for our crystals, jewelry, and moon water to be laid out and cleansed overnight on the nights of a New Moon. 

Ritual: Set Intentions 

New Moons are all about rest, restoration, and planting new seeds of intentions. Visualize a new seed, deep within the soil. It is dark and still, quiet and calm. You may be matching this energy. Like a baby, this seed needs time in its underground womb before it can sprout, bloom, or grow. 

This ritual you may do every cycle- write down four or five new intentions for this lunar cycle. Some intentions will be realized within only a couple of weeks. Whenever this occurs, you reaching a goal, should be observed and celebrated! But many intentions will take 10 cycles or even 10 years to manifest, and that is okay, you can honor the divine timing.  There’s so much in the universe that needs to be lined up just right before your desire alchemizes, so don’t expect a quick reply.  Simply carry over your intentions yet to come true to the next New Moon in the lunar cycle. 

I like to infuse one of my crystals with one of my intentions. I feel your crystal is here to support you, remind you of the oneness of the universe, ground your Free Will, and remind you that you are not alone. A crystal can be your physical reminder of the intention you are manifesting. While holding your crystal in your palm, speak you intention aloud. Hold it. Listen to it. Feel it, noticing any emotions or ideas that it might have stirred up within you. Place your crystal in the moonlight, maybe a chair, table, or windowsill, and leave it there overnight. Try to retrieve your crystal as soon as you’re awake the next day, avoiding the summer sunlight.    

Moon Water, Smudging, Tarot Card Pull, Journaling, Meditation, there are many rituals you can take on and perform them on a cyclical basis. Noticing the moon, where it is in the sky, what phase it is in, has significantly improved my life, helping to reduce burnout,  connect with Gaia, becoming present, and it may do the same for you!

Quoted below is a helpful post about intentions.

How to set intentions 
I thought this was a good time to explore setting intentions & how to actually get them to work for you
I think people get stuck with intentions for two main reasons: 
The first is that they struggle with belief.
We actually need a lot less belief than we think; belief is a practice. We build momentum through consistently affirming our intentions, seeing some success, and taking the next step from there. 
The second is that they struggle with setting intentions that are actually aligned with them. 
Intentions build upon the energy we're already cultivating; our sense of self, our habits our environment. 
Identify a goal you have, and ask if this is truly aligned with you! Is it based on what you want, or the ideas other people have for you?
When creating an intention you don't want to go ten steps ahead, identify where your next step up is and zone in on that. 
Create your intention
Be specific and phrase your intention in the present tense: 
I am....
I have...
I am doing...
Observe blocks
Set up your intention space: get comfortable, light a candle and play some music. 
You want to affirm this intention out loud if you can. 
This makes the intention feel more real; we have to get committed to it. Naturally as we speak this intention out loud we are going to notice the reservations and resistance we have towards it. 
Limiting thoughts, self-criticism, doubts etc. All of these things are important because they point to where our energy as a whole is blocking this intention. 
Sit with these reservations fully and truthfully, with awareness rather than judgement. 
Then focus on the positive emotions that come with stating this intention and simmer in those for a few minutes. 
Let go of the intention. 
Letting go is quite a vague concept so I’ll try to provide some clarity. 
Letting go isn’t forgetting what you’ve asked for or even attempting to, rather it’s about putting some distance between your (ego) self and what you want to receive. This is so that it come to you with clarity.
When we let go the request is still in our field, it’s just not lingering in our conscious mind. It’s tethered to us but through the unconscious which starts to get to work on aligning things mentally and spiritually.
Often when we are having difficulty letting go it’s because we want we want control over a situation rather than guidance. We want to receive an answer that will line up with our preconceived notions.
Be open to receiving your intention in a way that you aren't expecting. Allow the Universe to fill in the details. 
After stating your intention and simmering in the emotions, you want to create a physical end-point to the ritual. Blow out the candle, allow the music to end, get up from where you are seated and continue your daily activities. 
Allow the mental work to be done
Whenever we set an intention we go through a few stages. 
The initial enthusiasm which might fuel our intention at first and bring about quick results. 
A down period where our intentions appear to lose steam and everything comes to a standstill.
A breakthrough where the consistency we bring to our intentions lines up with the consistent results we see. 
Consistently come back to your intention and allow this consistency rather than the immediate results to be your focus. 
I explore this type of intention setting in my shadow work guide. Use the journal included to build your intentions up as you address different blockages. 
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