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The Lion's Gate Portal and Aquarius Full Moon

The Lion's Gate Portal and Aquarius Full Moon

We feel our energy to create and experience life boldly like the summer sun. On the opposite side, at the same time, our energy is slowed by fear, frustration and obstacles. We are back in a season of duality, and this makes it easy to create a full moon ritual to release all which does not serve us and reclaim our intentions deep within our hearts. 

Think back to the beginning of the year, this season mirrors and amplifies what we called into our lives at the start of the year, in January's  Aquarius. The New Year’s dreams, goals, and desires. Tap into the collective to receive love, energy, and knowledge you need to keep your vibration high and keep evolving into your highest timeline and greatest version of yourself. 

Let’s Create a Full Moon Ritual!

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Sit on the floor or outdoors and create a semi circle around you with crystals you want to energize, program, and work with this cycle. 

Make two columns, list things you are letting go of this season and also some intentions. They could be continuations of last season, from January, or last July because we honor the divine timing of our manifestations, and we realize there is a lot in the universe that needs to align before our intentions come true! So don’t worry about repeating what you are writing time and time again. 

Hold a crystal and speak individual intentions to it to hold that energy and vibration. 

Find a good spot, in your yard, porch, deck, where the moonlight will hit. 

Crumple up your paper, safely burn it or burry it. 

Set out your crystals overnight, let them seal your thoughts, wishes, desires, feelings, and be open to their support and love to hold you through this outside cycle of the moon and inner season of your life. 

Consciousness is magnetic. Where you focus you flow.  Elect to hold high quality thoughts, emotions, wishes and beliefs. 

If you’re moving thru emotions and feelings this cycle, that is something you can focus on too. In examining frustration, jealousy, anger… you’re able to work through that lower vibe and move through it with grace. Call on support if you want it! 

We are part of an Infinite loop of creation, energy, motion, emotion, belief that is aligned with our thoughts. Trust that and tap into it. I’d love for you to join me, it can’t hurt but try. We are part of a larger community.

We are Love We are Worthy We are Enough. 


Big Quote from the Lightbeam Anna Wood @iamannawood on IG 


“The Lion's Gate Portal is a WINDOW

OF OPPORTUNITY. The Lion's Gate is an auspicious conjunction of astrological and

numerological alignment that has been

celebrated for 1000s of years, in

Ancient Egypt and Atlantis. The current

planetary alignment between the Earth,

Sun, and Sirius is creating a super-

stargate of cosmic energy. The Lion's Gate is considered the most powerful time of the entire year for manifestation. This portal is open for

you to take a quantum leap in your life

toward whatever it is you are manifesting. Use a balance of divine masculine grounded action, and divine feminine surrender.  During this window of 7/26 - 8/12, the veil between the physical + spiritual realms is tremendously thin. This means it is prime time for grounding

spiritual manifestations into the

physical realms. Our spiritual sun Sirius

is showering us with lightcodes to

propel us forward. Because the veil between the physical and spiritual realms is thin, life may feel extra surreal or magical right now.

Expect expansion, increased intuition, psychic abilities, DNA activations, realignment, synchronicity, prophetic dreams, and rapid transitions.”