Let's Collaborate! Introducing Jewelry Repair Service

Let's Collaborate! Introducing Jewelry Repair Service

Maybe looking at all this new jewelry is sparking your memory of jewelry you already own?  Perhaps you have an heirloom you'd like to start wearing?  Do you have broken beaded jewelry?

One thing I did while under lockdown, even if I knew I wasn't leaving my house, and nobody would see me, I'd put on crystal bracelets and feel better!  I want you to feel positive feelings from your jewelry too, even if it is through a piece I didn't create.

I have been beading for as long as I can remember and I would be honored to work with your meaningful jewelry.  You can trust me to recreate, repair, or reimagine an outdated, hurt, or dull necklace, bracelet, or accessory.  Together we can design something that preserves the energy put into it by one of your relatives while reinserting a new, fresh vibe, using crystals that are hand selected from my partner Gina's mines in Bahia, Brazil.   

Simply purchase this listing and you will get this transformation process started.  Through the ease of messaging and video, your piece's journey will be totally customized to your style and spirit!

 Let’s Connect! support@bohobahia.com