Full Moon Rituals

Full Moon Rituals

I feel you buy a complete package when you shop with Boho Bahia.  You enter a relationship with your selected crystal and on social media, you are reminded of times to connect with your crystal, Mother Gaia, and natural cycles.

Tonight is the Full Moon and I like to remind you to take this time to energize your crystal collection.  A ritual can be formed around holding your crystal, setting an intention, placing it on the windowsill, (the one you notice gets drenched with moonlight in the dark night,) and leaving it there only to be scooped up at daybreak.  

Without language or sound, crystals, Earthly gifts, through their presence, vibration, and properties I cannot explain, may help us remember the oneness of the universe.  May we evolve to understand we are not divided by race, religion and creed but rather apart of a peaceful, universal community of consciousness, vibrating love.

Quartz is so special, according to NASA, within our entire solar system, it only exists on Earth.  We can pair crystals with meditation and tap into the ancient knowledge and wisdom.  I know this all can sound very woo woo and alternative, but even the Placebo Effect is backed by evidence.  So that's why I invite you to notice the Full Moon and try some baby rituals to help get you out of your mind and drop into your heart.

We are made of star stuff.  When we honor the Full Moon, or any phase, we are acknowledging that we are cyclical beings.  The same power that turns the tides, turns the seasons of the year, is in us.  

Like a love battery, you can amplify you crystal's power by recharging its energy and vibration by setting them beneath the light of the Full Moon overnight.

Then the Lunar cycle begins again with the New Moon.  You may then perform a similar ritual by gridding your crystal out on your windowsill, deck, table...this time- cleansing your crystals.  Like the promise of a new day, the dark moon will work to clear your crystal of stagnant, old energy which no longer serves you.

Other baby rituals you can perform on a cyclical basis:




moon water



setting up your meditation altar

salt bath / hair mask / facial / foot soak with crystals...

Of course there are many more, I invite you to walk this path, crystal in hand.

You are able to incorporate any ritual you desire and make it your own, deepening your relationship with your mind, body and heart. Let go and rejoice in the supportive magic of Mother Nature. Listen to what your soul wants to express, so you can weave more light, more magic, and more love into the world.

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