Full Moon Crystal Charging Ritual

Full Moon Crystal Charging Ritual

When we wear and work with crystals, we exchange energy from them and energy may unintentionally stored within their vibration. 

During the process of cleaning, we release all unwanted vibrations from our crystals.

Charging of crystals, on the other hand, is connected with the types and qualities of energy we would like to infuse INTO our crystals. 

When working with your new moon intentions, charging them on the full moon is a good ritual to get hyper focused and narrow in your crystal's energy. 

۞ Take the crystals you worked with on the new moon, or pick out new ones. You want to program the crystal with your specific purpose, intention, or desire.

۞ Hold that crystal in the palm of your hand while having in mind your intention. 

۞ Set each crystal in a grid, on the windowsill, deck, or altar. 

۞ Your crystals will be charged using moonlight, that is, using the softened solar radiation reflected via the moon.  Leave them there overnight, and collect them the next day.  This ritual can be performed anytime this weekend, with Saturday night being the apex.

This September, we are reeling from the energy of the new moon filling up, becoming full. The energy of ascending moon is related to new beginnings, optimism and hope.  

Crystals charged in the Full moon syncs to energies related to love and abundance. 

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When you take time to check in with your intentions you called in at the beginning of this moon cycle, this ritual will charge your crystals giving them the chance to renew their abilities of focusing and expanding energies and vibrations.  They are here to support you and physically remind you of your heart's deepest desires.  Your energized crystals will keep your thoughts, emotions, feelings, dreams, and consciousness on the right path towards attracting what is needed in your life right now to stay in the highest timeline, in the highest vibration. 

Consciousness is magnetic. Where you focus you flow.  What you pay attention to will be magnified. Ignite your soul by aligning your thoughts, emotions, wishes, and beliefs with your heart and let your crystals remind you of your intentions, this month, this year, this lifetime.

Pisces Full Moon Themes: HEALTH • ORGANIZATION • SERVICE   

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