Crystal Grid

Crystal Grid

Learn how to maximize positive energy in your home with a crystal grid. Combining the individual energies of the crystals in one space creates a powerful effect, amplifying their properties to bring you and your home good vibes and manifest your intentions.


Create crystal grids with ease by following my three-step guide. Start by setting an intention: abundance, love, success, or courage, for example. Select crystals and arrange in meaningful shapes for optimal activation. Performing the activation establishes energy pathways for the grid and helps manifest your intended purpose. Make crystal grid magic today!

 crystal grid for healing intentions

Step One:  Choose Your Intention


Gather your crystals and jewels. Focus on what matters most to you right now, in this cycle of your life. Possible purposes could include abundance, love, or even safety in a new relationship.  You’ll want to choose crystals that have the properties that coincide with your intention.  Examples include amethyst for abundance, heart chakra stones like rose quartz and malachite for self-compassion and self-acceptance, prehnite to call in spirit guides, and clear quartz for strength, and clarity of mind.

Step 2: Pick a Grid Shape

Choose from variable shapes, including triangles for structure and simplicity, squares for boundaries, spirals for expanding and the powerful circle for protection and belonging. Arrange near plants or windows to receive solar and lunar energies.


In addition to crystals, you can create a powerful grid with natural or meaningful items such as flower petals, popcorn kernels, seeds, as well as special personal trinkets, heirlooms, or shells, allowing you to create a grid that is truly yours.

 healing crystal grid for intentions

Step 3: Spell Your Intentions

The third step in activating your grid is to use your voice. Speak your intentions aloud to ensure the universe will hear them and know you are serious. Words are spells and the universe listens, so lets keep the vibration high with good intentions, thoughts, wishes, desires, and dreams.  This process has been seen to help inspire connection to courage, balance the Throat Chakra, and lift one's voice when they might otherwise shrink.


Crystal grids are the perfect way to enhance positive energy in your home. Like mandalas, crystals have the power to heal and support us, and when arranged on a grid, their energy is amplified. Grids work with the energy of crystals to connect us with the Earth. Place them on your desk or near your bed for an extra boost of energy or to remind you of your intentions.

healing stones for crystal grids and moon intention rituals

 Using your grid can help you practice mindful awareness and support well-being. Bring your awareness to the present moment and use the crystals to tune into the energy of the grid.