Boho Bahia - Crystals for Beginners

Boho Bahia - Crystals for Beginners

The concept of healing crystals can most easily be summed up by your own experience with spending time with your selected crystal. You will find that when wearing or holding a crystal they will emit a strong healing vibration which will help to dissolve negative energy while both receiving and transmitting positive energy.

My experience with crystals has been ingrained in me by popular authors such as Simmons and Melody and also from the teachings of the indigenous tribes of North America who both value and use crystals as part of their ceremonies and daily life.  The beautiful part of this practice is I am constantly learning, growing, and deepening my understanding of this facet of the natural world and you have the opportunity to do the same.  I feel meditation is a key part of us coping with everyday living and evolving- healing crystals and stones are almost perfect companions that work to support us on our journey.

Crystals are an incredible way to align the chakras and keep in balance. I would encourage you to experience the vibrational energy of this sacred Brazilian crystal collection for yourself and I am happy to be your guide on this exploratory journey towards your own healing, fulfilling your soul mission, or growth.

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