Lemurian Seed Crystal Wand for sale

A Message of Unity

With so much chaos in the world right now, I’d like to remind us of the message from Lemuria: there is another way, a pathway of peace, unity, and love. ONENESS is a value the Lemurians seeded the Earth with so very, very long ago. 
Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal Wand

Experience the unexpected thrill of holding a treasure from the Earth that is eons old, definitely holds energy and vibration, and may contain information from a long lost civilization! 

The Lemurian seed crystals are mined in Brazil. They immediately got attention because they were not like the rest of the Quartz found in clusters in that area. These unique crystals are clear quartz but instead of shiny, they appear frosted or dull, like they have a matte finish.  They are most unique characteristic is a series of horizontal striations that run up one or more of the sides of the crystal. 

There is much knowledge about these crystals waiting to be unlocked by you including how they are thought to be “seed” crystals, how they relate to the race of Lemurains, and how they connect with the Earth and stellar regions. The one bit of knowledge I’d like to bestow is their energy relays a sense of oneness, of unity, of every individual part being equal, and the necessity for love in order to evolve. But as always, I suggest you work with a Lemurian crystal and experience what comes up for you on a personal level. 

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