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Boho Bahia

Petite Quartz Necklace

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Metaphysically speaking, Brazilian Clear Quartz is a master crystal.  From cleansing to amplifying, you will discover Clear Quartz has the vibration to heal, support, connect, and grow with you on your spiritual journey.  Hold this cut Quartz point while meditating, set it on the corner of your yoga mat, take it into your bedroom and rest it upon your nightstand, place it on your windowsill above the kitchen sink, illuminate your workspace with it, or simply spend quality time with the energy and presence of this Clear Quartz crystal by wearing it.

  • 1.25 inch L Handmade Quartz Necklace 
  • Actual Crystal Point is 1” L
  • Pure Copper Chain 19" L
  • Metaphysical Description Crystal Card 
  • Gift Wrap
  • Free US Shipping 

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