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Boho Bahia

Clear Quartz Hair Pin for Buns and Updos

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Handmade high vibe jewelry for your hair is what your style has been seeking!  Make a statement and feel happy doing it!  Simply twist this Brazilian Lemurian Seed quartz point into an established bun or updo and instantly charge your crown chakra!  The twist secures your crystal in place for an all day into the evening hold.  To remove, simply twist out.  You may look at this accessory and think tangle but is quite counterintuitive and slides in an out of your bun with ease.  Hair jewelry has never been so metaphysical.

Clear Quartz is a high vibration, high energy crystal, perfect to occupy your Crown Chakra space. 

Quartz may help the wearer to:

• Think spiritually and connect to the universe
• Visualize their desires
• Energize non familiar spaces like hotel rooms
• Eliminate negativity in their environment
• Receive, transmit, and amplify energy