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Boho Bahia

Unify Lemurian Seed Point

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Alluring and high vibe, Lemurian Seed crystal from Bahia, Brazil is a perfect addition to your collection whether you're just starting or have a growing crystal addiction! 

I'll share just one bit of crystalogly, these special Quartz have a lot to teach us, we've only scratched the surface, and I'll include a bit more in your care package.

Part of the wisdom of ancient Lemuria is the idea of universal consciousness and oneness with all that is.  These crystals seeded for us on Earth may help us to rise above isolation, loneliness, and separation by expanding our place within nature, the stars, and each other.

  • Brazilian Lemurian Seed Wand
  • Handheld Clear Quartz Crystal
  • Akashic Records, Meditation, Altar, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing
  • 3" L x 1" W
  • 71 grams
  • Gift Wrap, Metaphysical Crystal Card, US Shipping Included