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Boho Bahia

Labradorite Feather Pendant Necklace

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When I realized I could work with other organics besides crystals, my mind immediately went to electroforming feathers!  Here I combined a real, cruelty free, feather with droplets of gemmy Labradorites fit for a goddess.  This pendant took several weeks to complete and is a blend of both science and art.

  • 4.5" x 1" L Copper Feather with Crystals

  • 35" L Pure Copper Chain Necklace

  • Metaphysical crystal card included

  • Free gift wrap + shipping

There were many facets to the process of creating this necklace.  The feather was sealed and painted with conductive copper paint.  The crystals were sealed with protective latex.  It was then suspended in an acid bath, containing a copper anode, with connected to an electrical machine called a rectifier.  The low voltage runs through the bath, breaks down the anode and allows the copper molecules to deposit one by one onto the feather and surrounding the Labradorite.  After several days and nights in the bath, the feather is neutralized, tumbled, and polished.  It then gets a coat of patina for a witchy, aged look.  The pendant is professionally sealed and gets a long chain necklace.

A Labradorite was mindfully selected for this piece and I have created a card to inform the wearer of the metaphysical properties of the stone.  This makes a great gift, to treat yourself of a loved one- necklace will arrive gift wrapped and shipping is included.

Please contact me if you'd love a feather necklace with a different crystal, we can start a custom design!