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Boho Bahia

Watermelon Tourmaline and Herkimer Diamond Crystal Pendant

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Transcend Nature.  Fruity watermelon, energetic Tourmaline, Herkimer Diamond Quartz crystal, healing copper, and a modern rustic style combine to create this crystal pendant on a 17" chain necklace with a copper lobster clasp.

Boho Bahia redefines nature, pairing raw crystals with a metallic chemical process known as electroforming.  The copper was deposited, molecule by molecule over the course of four days, tracing the unique contours across the edges of this thick watermelon tourmaline slice and sparkly Herk.

By tracing the linage of this crystal back to mines in Bahia, Brazil you know you have a special piece of jewelry and the best of both worlds- the ancient energy of the stone and the modern design created by hand in my studio in Vermont.

Although you can read all the crystalogy you can find, I would love for you to wear the crystals to gauge how you feel, what may come to mind, or how it feels on your skin.  Generally, I feel watermelon tourmaline balances the male and female energies we all have within us and it also a Heart Chakra stone.  It opens up to the other facets of love besides romantic love, it enhances self love and amplifies compassion.

  • Handmade Tourmaline crystal necklace
  • Arrives gift wrapped
  • Metaphysical crystal card included
  • Complimentary shipping

This one of a kind necklace makes a lovely gift.  By shopping small with me, you are receiving a item I am passionate about and also supporting a business owned by an independent female artist.