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Boho Bahia

Double Terminated Quartz Crystal Stack Ring 7

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A handmade size seven ring features a solitaire design highlighting a Herkimer Diamond- a double terminated clear quartz crystal mined in upstate New York, USA.  The east-west setting is a favorite for minimalist or those who love stacking rings!

Alternative engagement ring, statement cocktail ring, or a handmade crystal ring- either way you are receiving a ring that emits a positive energy and vibration.  The crystal was hand selected for its shape, quality, and uniqueness and will arrive with a metaphysical crystal card so the meaning can be shared with others.

Boho Bahia has taken something as classic as a Herkimer Diamond and gave it a natural simple style by electrofoming just around the double terminated Quartz edges.  As a Gift Concierge, I can offer many custom sizes and patinas- just contact me to get the personalized process started.

  • Handmade size 7
  • Herkimer Diamond NY Quartz Crystal
  • US Shipping + Gift Wrap Included