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Boho Bahia

Ametrine Crystal Necklace

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Found in vintage jewelry, the gemstone Ametrine posses an enduring beauty that still speaks to us today.  This classic stone pairs perfectly with the simple copper design.

Ametrine is a mixing of both ametrine and citrine crystals, born side by side as sister stones, due to a temperature difference during formation.  The wise ones tell us Ametrine enhances universal equilibrium and provides a clear connection to the physical form and to ethereal realms.  It also provides a balancing of male and female qualities.  

  • Handmade Electroformed Amethyst Crystal Pendant
  • 1.5" L x .75" W
  • Pure Copper Chain Necklace Adjustable Lobster Clasp up to 22" L
  • Meaningful Gift - Care Package Arrives Gift Wrapped, Metaphysical Crystal Card, US Shipping Included